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Vietnam weather forecast: Hoi An & Da Nang

Hoi An is approximately 30km south of Da Nang. The box below gives you a rough idea of the weather in Hoi An. Da Nang is at the base of the Hai Van Pass & gets more rain than Hoi An.

Typhoon tracker

Typhoons form in the North East Pacific. Up to 25 typhoons hit the Phillippines each year. Of these perhaps 5 reach Vietnam. To see what's coming our way, we use the Storm Tracker website >>

Vietnam weather & climates

North Vietnam is temperate, South Vietnam is tropical & Central Vietnam is somewhere in between! Due to the variation in Vietnam's climates, Vietnam weather is a tricky one. Weather & climates >>

2005 Hoi An weather

Dutch conservationist Hans van der Broek from the Lighthouse Cafe keeps a monthly journal of his observations about the Vietnam climate & weather in Hoi An.  Hans's 05 weather review >>

Typhoon Xangsane

On 01.10.06. category four Tyhpoon Xangsane ripped through the Philippines and headed straight for us in Hoi An. Click here for photos from the aftermath of Xangsane. Hoi An >> | Da Nang >>