Hoi An: Holidays in Vietnam

Hoi An Full Moon Festival: looking for some romance on your Vietnam holidays: 2013 Hoi An Full Moon Festival Dates Photography tours Etienne Bossot prend toi a Hoi An's BEST locations at sunrise and sunset. Etienne habit en Hoi An With Spring around the corner, it's time to check out the new fashions out of Hoi An. Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam Vietnam Cooking Classes at least 1 day of your holidays in Vietnam. Travel Guide: Hoi An's best cooking schools Randy's Book Exchange in Hoi An has a serious collection of books. He can write too: The Headstone & the Wizard You may be surprised to find a holiday in Vietnam becoming a long term proposition! House rentals loi pinel real estate in Hoi An Vietnam

Things to do near Hoi An in Vietnam

Diving on Cham Island. Pick up from Hoi An Vietnam

Travel guides say it's similar to Thailand 20 years ago. Tourist info & Cu Lao Cham This might be the Vietnam holidays package you've been looking for: Dive & Camp Cham beach party: full moon dates, beach party dates & travel bookings

Hangin' with Hoa at Marble Mountain near Da Nang

You'll never forget Hoa. 25km from Hoi An. Stop for lunch or overnight? China Beach 1/2 day adventure next to China Beach near Da Nang Vietnam History & culture Philippe Lesprit's pro photo inside the big cave at Marble Mountain.

Shop til you drop in Hoi An Ancient Town!

Hoian is known for it's many shops all in walking distance. Here's what not to miss Tips for making tailored clothes on holiday in vietnam. Travel guide: Hoi An Tailors Mannys, peddys, new dos & massages, from $$$ to very affordable

La Plage Beach Bar is now open on An Bahn.

La Plage is 5km from Hoi An & has a refreshing approach to business. They have wheel chair access & are child-friendly, free wi-fi, yoga at sunrise & movie nights for locals and visitors alike. Definitely a great spot to spend the day. An Bahn is where Vietnamese go at sunrise to do morning exercise.

Vietnam holidays & adventure travel in Vietnam

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Hoian Old Town

Originally called Faifu, Hoian was a busy port on the Silk Route. Japanese & French influences are evident. Protected by Unesco world heritage status, Hoian still retains her charm & character.

Most Vietnam vacations start in Saigon or Hanoi as there are few international flights to Danang. Safe & easy for families to explore, Hoian is a welcome break after the bustle of the cities.

The surrounding countryside is lush rice fields, islands & fishing nets mirrored in the Bonn River. Hoian Old Town has top quality restaurants & the western food is exceptional.

Vietnam beaches: Hoi An's best beaches

Vietnam has some big beaches. The beach near Hoi An is 45km long & sretches from the Bonn Estuary south of Hoi An to Monkey Mountain north of Da Nang. The Hai Van Pass at the top leads to Hue. It's a nice tour if you're up for a full-day adventure on a Minsk. Hoi An Motorbike Adventures

Cua Dai Beach, the main tourist beach for Hoi An has a good selection of beach resorts, river resorts, boutique hotels & local amenities: internet, laundry, swimwear shops, seafood restaurants & an ATM. Sunrise over Cham is spectacular after a beach party at Hoi An Beach Club located on Cua Dai Beach.

Arriving at Cua Dai Beach from Hoi An on Cua Dai Rd, turn left to Da Nang or right onto the sand bar which leads to the mouth of the Estuary of the River Bonn & the public ferry to Cham Islands.

An Bahn Beach is an easy 2km bike ride north from Cua Dai Beach. A sleepy fishing village: a handful of bars & seafood restaurants. Hoi An Yoga do sunrise yoga classes at La Plage Beach Bar on An Bahn. Popular with Hoi An locals & expats alike, An Bahn Beach is more chilled out compared to Cua Dai.

15 km north on the coast road to Da Nang, is, Ha My Beach & the super 5 star Nam Hai Beach Resort. After another 10km at the foot of Marble Mountains is Non Nouc Beach or China Beach Vietnam. Dispositif Pinel to reach your destination.

China Beach, featured in Apocalypse Now is one of the more famous beaches in Vietnam: helicopters, surfing, napalm in the morning. Hoa's Place is a cool backpacker hangout & the heart & soul of China Beach Vietnam. The best surfing spots near Hoi An are China Beach or Cua Dai beach/estuary.